Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I love how visually open Southern Utah is: the red rock, the green vegetation, bright blue sky, the cactus, the lizards...it is all good. I think the desert is beautiful.

The parents of one of our friends own some property outside of St. George. They opened up the place to guests, so our friends invited three other families from the neighborhood to come hang out with them over Labor Day weekend. I can say we had a wonderful time, but that wouldn't even come close!

I was snapping pictures the whole time and not until we came home did I realize how many were of Erik.

A boy and his bike.
Erik trying to impress Raquel with a big caterpillar he found.
Lizard hunters: Matthew, Erik and Scott. Erik is holding a smallish size lizard (which is fine by the mother in me). No one would hold the largish size tarantula that was later found (which was also fine by me).
Kevin and Tyler taking out a dune buggy.
Megan, Claire and Jeff in the pool.
It sure is hot, what should we do...let's go swimming again!
This was the overall best group picture of the kids (our Megan was missing). I should have taken a photo of all the parents trying to get their kids to look in the general direction of the cameras, let alone smile!