Monday, September 15, 2008

Puppies vs Princess'

It is September and this summer is finally slowing down. I don't really have any specific stories to tell so I'll put out some of the latest. (In August my cousins, John and Brady, came by. It has been way to long since we have seen them. They happened to be in town so stopped by to visit and have dinner with us. Thanks for coming!)

This past week the cool new game to play in the neighborhood has been "Star Wars". The boys will get out their Light Sabers and have mock battles.

A friend, Meredith, and I compare boys to puppies. When her family lived in the neighborhood and our boys played, they would always tackle and wrestle each other. We would let them with the hopes they could learn how to get the excess energy out without hurting each other (they do need limits...of course).

Claire is happy to be back in a dance class at her grandma's studio. Light Sabers aren't something she is into (note: she will be the one to point out that she does like to wrestle with her Dad and Erik). That once a week dance class is Claire's pink dress and slippers, twirling and whirling, princess time.

Now to the tune of George of the Jungle, "Watch out for that tree!" Megan is going on 14 months and hasn't been interested in walking until this past week. Something clicked and she is now eager to try it out. Megan has been practicing walking by holding on to our hands and also by herself in going from one object to another. This has been a week of bruises, bumps, and a bloody nose. Hang in there Meg!

I did go to my quarterly appointment at the Neurology Clinic last Wednesday. I said it before, but it is so impressive the level of comprehensive care they provide. I am higher up on the Lithium drug trial wait list then what I thought and could possibly start as soon as October. Blah blah blah...moving on...

Jeff has had some fun work trips this year. He has been to London twice and just got to go to Montreal. I'm glad he was able to get out and about. Jeff doesn't travel so often it becomes tiresome but enough to keep work interesting.

That is the whats up on us.