Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Steer clear of the garbage cans

It has been awhile since I have written! There are acouple of friends who have told me that they start to worry how I am doing when there are long lapses between posts. For those wondering, I'm still here :-)

Today is the unfortunate combination of being windy and garbage pickup day. It isn't breezy. I'm talking about wind that knocks the garbage cans over and sends trash rocketing down the street. Looking out the window I am reminded of a day just like this almost 2 years ago. I don't think I've told it here before, and everyone can use a good chuckle mid-week so here is how my morning went as recorded in my journal from March 10, 2009:

(photo from 2009)

"Last Wednesday, on garbage day, it was incredibly windy. As I was getting the girls dressed I looked out the window to see a bunch of garbage whooshing by in the wind. I still had my jammie bottoms on but zipped up my fleece jacket and went outside to make sure our garbage and recycle cans were steady.

"Outside I saw a neighbor's overturned can. Even though I was barefoot I decided to walk over and put it upright so that no more trash would “whoosh” through the streets. It was the recycle can and not too heavy and I was able to upright it. But since it was missing a wheel it promptly tipped over. So again I lifted the can back up.

"The problem was that when I lifted the can the second time it was turned facing into the wind. The wind then promptly flipped the swinging lid open and it smacked me in the face! This caused me to lose my balance and I fell down. The can then toppled on me.

"I was a bit stunned and tried to decide which hurt more, my pride or my butt!

"No one was out walking or driving by so it was just me. I bet it looked hilarious! I even giggle to myself when thinking of the sequence of events (now that my butt doesn’t hurt anymore).

"I stood up and a few moments later a South Jordan City truck drove by and the driver jumped out and put the can upright. That day the wind was so strong that at least half the neighborhood garbage cans were blown over. In driving around I saw them but didn’t try to lift anymore. I didn’t even feel bad about ignoring the overturned cans as I was still experiencing flashbacks of a lid smacking my face."

*I'm not promoting the idea that a situation is humorous when a person gets hurt. But for this paticular instance where there were no major injuries, and considering the unexpected nature in how the lid snuck up on me, it was funny.


Quick recap:

January flew by and we are over half way through February. In the past 1 1/2 months the kids have gone sledding multiple times and with help from Jeff I managed a few runs too! Jr. Jazz basketball was every Saturday morning but is now done. I loved watching Erik and his team play. Visiting with friends and family (some were local and some were in Cache Valley, Park City and Midway) also gave me something to look forward too as skiing and snowshoeing weren't on the calendar.

My crocus's are peeking through the soil and I know that my bff, Spring, is on her way.