Friday, July 9, 2010

Popsicles (and the pink cast)

While gelato rules supreme, there is something to be said for popsicles. When I am sitting outside with my kids on a hot summer day a popsicle seems perfect.

and the pink cast close up...


(I didn't take this picture)

After Erik had worked on his Great Brain project in school, I thought, "I want to have a Great Brain project too!" So I picked the topic of gelato.

(I admit right here that this was just a weak excuse to eat more dessert...)

My "research" mainly involved taste testing. The gelato from one location was surprisingly bland, while the gelato from another shop made my tastebuds pop. The intense flavor selections are what gets me: Pink grapefruit, guava, passion fruit, key lime, lemon, blueberry, coconut almond, chili chocolate, amaretto, hazelnut and many more. Serving sizes are not so big but this Italian ice cream is so savory you don't need it.

I came up with my two favorite gelato shops, both which also have great panini sandwiches and other menu items.

San Gelato Cafe is on the west side of the valley in the Daybreak neighborhood at 11259 Kestral Rise Rd. Go for a walk around the lake and then head to the cafe for some gelato - yum! (I heard they have live music on Friday nights during the summer.)

Bella Cittas is on the east side at 2101 East 9400 South. If you keep driving east on 9400 South it will take you right up to Little Cottonwood Canyon which is so beautiful this time of year (then again it is always beautiful).