Thursday, August 9, 2012

Saints to Sinners

I’m going to start by saying that most parts of my body aren’t working too well as the muscle atrophy continues to spread.  Today what is bothering me the most is my voice and that it is absolute rubbish.   Rubbish!

On a positive note, two weeks ago some friends who had formed a team, rode in the bike relay race, Saints to Sinners, which starts in the Salt Lake Valley and ends outside of Las Vegas.  Money raised from the race goes towards als research.   I can't believe they did this ride in late July.   They must be a little nuts and a whole lot wonderful.

The 10 person team consisted of:  Jenn & Dave, Andrea & Daryl, Jenn & Landon, Liz & Brad, Whittney & Jason.

These friends made a “flat Janae” and thinking I might have fun, they took me along for the ride.

From all the photos it looks like I had a great time!  THANK YOU!