Thursday, September 27, 2012

a look back @ summer

For the most part our summer was low key and local.  But I'm not complaining.  The last 3 months flew by!

Our summer highlight was Claire's baptism!  Her cousin, Anson, was also baptized on the same day.

 Jeff and I went on a quick trip to the Tetons.

We went to the mountains with friends...

...and played with cousins. 

Went fishing...

...did some catch and release (with cousins AND friends).

Ice blocking.

Our neighbors cat came over nearly every day to visit. (and still does)

Our neighbor, Jessica, used to be a face painter at Disneyland and is very talented.  She came over one morning and the kids were so excited to get their faces painted!

These boys are only 10 and already have their favorite team.

Megan and Neola.

 Hooray for cousins!

My parents, me and my sisters.  Does anyone know where I could purchase a large blue hat?   Just kidding  mom.  Love 'ya  ;-)