Friday, May 5, 2017

don't forget to check the dryer

Last week we sold our clothes dryer on the classifieds.  About an hour after the buyer picked it up he messaged Jeff asking, “Did you know there are clothes in the dryer?”

That would be a “Negative.”

When Jeff relayed this conversation at dinner, Erik got a funny look on his face and said, “Those are MY clothes!”

The rest of the family burst into laughter which Erik did not find funny at all.

The funny thing (there’s that word again) is that the past two or three days Erik had been saying he couldn’t find some clothes he wanted to wear.  Whenever he brought it up I suggested he look under his bed, or in the pile of stuff on the floor in his closet or in the hamper.

Turns out that they were just in the dryer all clean and fluffy.

This week Erik decided to do his own laundry by himself.  No more runaway clothes.

Hike they went on in April near Escalante. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Have you ever listened to the guitar duo, Rodrigo y Gabriela?

The first time I ever listened to them the music was like nothing I’d ever heard and it blew me away. 

Rodrigo y Gabriela are touring the U.S.  later in May and early June, and for some UNFORTUNATE reason they are NOT coming to Salt Lake City.  

If you are lucky enough to live near one cities where they will be performing will you go for me?

Here is a performance from a TED Talk.