Tuesday, November 29, 2011


In October I gave a recap of September. Now that November is almost over, here is the October update. I am rolling a month late.

The big addition in October was building a ramp in our garage to make the house to garage transition more walker friendly. Grrr.

I might be grumbling about needing the ramp, but I would be downright ungrateful to not acknowledge how quickly it came together. In one evening with the help and expertise of Stuart, Travis, Lee, and Bill it was mostly completed. Then Russ helped Jeff hang the hand rail, and my dad applied a textured paint to the ramp surface for grip. Wha-laa. We now have a one car garage with leftover parking for bikes and that ramp. We owe many MANY thanks.


The other night after brushing my teeth I leaned in to study my reflection in the mirror.

A grey hair.

What the... (Oh well, I am 35 you know.)

A zit.

Really? (Yep.)

Some sun damage.

Inevitable. (Bound to happen. I spent hours, days and years outside with minimal sunscreen.)

Those things really don’t bother me too much. What does concern me as I look in the mirror is how the right corner of my mouth is slower to respond than the left. My smile is now uneven.

My reaction to the smile thing is:
What the...

But of course I’m sad about another part of me being taken away.

And so I pray. Prayer helps me to work through the grieving, the anger, it comforts me to know that I’m talking to my Heavenly Father (someone who truly understands), which calms me so I can sort through the situation. And then I can move on, because let’s be honest, constantly thinking about your problems can be all consuming and gets tiresome. Some things require more time for healing than others.

I think I may have over simplified it with that explanation. But then again, maybe not, life doesn’t always need to be as complicated as we make it out to be.


Happy Thanksgiving. (Hooray! I now consider myself caught up with November since Thanksgiving happened this month AND I mentioned it in this post.)