Thursday, February 13, 2014

conversations with Megan


Megan:  Daddy I love you. Mommy I love you more than cats.
Jeff:  What about me? Do you love me more than cats?
Megan:  I love you more than cats unless they are cats that follow me, are playful, and don’t scratch.
Jeff:  That’s an imaginary cat.


Megan:  Mom, do you ever wish you could wish for something and it would come true?
Me:  Sure!   
Megan:  I would wish for you to have peace and strength. 
Me:  Oh I love that.  Hmmm...I would wish for a healthy body.
Megan:  (a bit frustrated) But, I’ve been praying for you to have ‘peace and strength’ for like, 3 years!
Me:  (pause) Heavenly Father has heard all of your prayers.  Sometimes prayers are answered in ways we don’t expect, because I do have ‘strength’, but it comes through help from others, and I do feel peace at some point every day.

And then she started talking about cats or dragons.  Or maybe it was cat-dragons.


We all have our own ‘something.’ 
Some days it is incredibly difficult to be at peace when I still really really really want a healthy body.  

To move on I have to want to be at peace.  Every day I have to choose to be at peace all over again.

I then am willing to reconcile my emotions, and my wants, with the realities of my ‘something.’  It's about finding a balance.  

I want my children to see that, despite the lack of muscles, I am strong in other ways and that I am happy and still love life.

In the Uintahs last summer.