Monday, December 15, 2008

Take your tantrum ticket and wait in line please.

This morning Erik started sulking because Jeff made the wrong kind of pancakes. Erik wanted the Bisquick "melt in your mouth" variety and instead he got whole wheat blender pancakes. Boo-hoo, life is rough when your dad makes pancakes, muffins, oven-pancakes or french toast for breakfast.

Claire then pouted because she didn't get to sit by who she wanted to at the breakfast table.

Later in the morning Megan screamed bloody murder when I attempted to give her a bath. The screaming started when Meg saw me filling the tub with water and she didn't let up until she was bathed and safely wrapped in a fluffy pink towel.

I already used up my "ticket" yesterday by being a big time grump in the afternoon.

And Jeff...he is downstairs watching "National Lampoon's Christmas" and laughing his head off! I think Cousin Eddie just showed up in his R.V. at Clark's house so I'm going down there now.
Background: We attended a church party last week for the primary teachers and their guest. The theme was to wear an ahhh... elaborate Christmas sweater. Jeff wore one of my mom's. He won a prize in the category of "most likely to be worn by a kindergarten teacher." (She is a kindergarten teacher...perfect!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Steve - Welcome to America

I figure that if someone is going to come all of the way from Germany just to visit us, then by golly that individual is going to get his own blog post. Last week my brother, Steve, came out for meetings in Denver. Then he jumped a flight to say hi to my parents and we were able to intercept him for 24 hours. Technically the trip wasn't just to visit us, but close enough. Next time we aren't letting you in the door if Lindsay and Brynn aren't with you too!

The kids were so excited to see Steve. Claire wanted to talk to him about the castles and if he had seen any princesses. Erik had all sorts of questions about the Air Force for his Uncle Steve. Sometimes I feel bad that Erik doesn't have any brothers, but then I figure my 2 brothers and Jeff's 4 brothers are a darn good substitute. Our kids have some fantastic uncles (and aunts!). And what do you know Megan actually liked Steve. I say that last part because she is very wary of people she doesn't know and this was Megans first time meeting him.

We went bowling and Steve came out the clear champion. His score of 150 pretty much doubled that of any other score in our group. We are a sorry bunch of non-bowlers.

Here is Steve gloating in front of the scoreboards. No doubt owned the game. LOL!