Sunday, September 28, 2008

High & Low

The game is "High and Low". How you play it is to go around the table at dinner and ask everyone what was their high and low for the day. Yep, that is all.

This not so complicated game started with our neighbors Dawn and Dave. We have tried it for the last month or so. This has proved a low key and easy way to get the whats up on other family members. We want our kids to know it is okay to share the bad along with the good.

Past Answers:
Erik's high - "Lunch" (he never says this when eating at home, only for school lunch)
Claire's high - "Picking raspberries"
Janae's high - "Watching Erik run his first race" (and the Moab trip)
Jeff's high - "Hiking to Delicate Arch"
Megan's high - I would guess it to be hanging out with her Dad.

Claire and her friend, Claire, were so excited to pick raspberries while we were visiting the house of her Sunday School teacher. Any time you go to garden where someone has tomato varieties (grown from seed) with names like "Black Pineapple", "Mr. Stripy", and "The Dutchman", you know this yard is going to be worth seeing. Janet's garden was beautiful. I love how she has integrated fruits and vegetables into her boarders as ornamental yet practical elements. A feast for the eyes and the girls tummy's too!

The bush's were dripping with juicy sweet raspberries!

The elementary school had a fundraiser/fun run this past week. Erik and his friend Matthew ran the 2.1 miles in 25 minutes. I volunteered at the finish line along with Jeff's grandma handing out popsicles. If you have never participated in a race, you should. The energy and the adrenaline is such a rush. Even as a popsicle handing out bystander it was inspiring to watch all these kids just beaming after finishing a course much longer than they would have every tried on their own.