Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Last week I felt like a little kid asking "how many more days before Christmas" as I waited for the weekend to arrive. We had made plans for a quick one day trip to Arches National Park. This is where I had gone to for spring break during college, Jeff and I came here on our honeymoon, and we made many miscellaneous trips to the surrounding area afterward.

My mom stayed with Claire and Megan while my Dad, Jeff, Erik and I left at 6:00am on Saturday. We met up with a family friend, Lauren, at the visitors center and then drove to the Delicate Arch trail head. It felt so good to be out hiking and this trail can accommodate different levels of abilities.

After the hike we got lunch in Moab at the "Golden Arches" (okay that was pushing it...with the whole arches theme) and were home by 5:30pm. I took a quick shower and then my Mom and I attended the 6:00pm LDS General Relief Society Broadcast (via satellite at the nearby church building). Phew. You've got to have days like that once in a while, they are a blast.

While this photo was being taken a group of Italians came up and started taking his picture too. Kindof funny I thought, but then again he is a good looking kid!

My two main men Jeff and Erik.

Look close, it is Jeff and Erik under Delicate Arch.

Mi padre. Thanks for coming with us Dad! And thanks for toting along your super cool camera to take these photos with!

Our friend Lauren who met up with us just for this hike. We actually share relatives but we come from different sides. She will soon be leaving on a mission for the LDS church and is heading for Cape Verde, Africa. A perfect match for this river guide girl!

The honeymooners a short 10 1/2 years later!

Our artistic interpretation of a "Cairn" (the stacked rocks that are used as trail markers).

Erik and Janae immediately following the hike.

This second picture was taken maybe 4 minutes after the above picture.