Sunday, August 17, 2008

When Erik & Claire Plan the Day

Friday was the last day before Erik starts 1st grade (technically there is still Saturday & Sunday but you know what I mean). I told Erik and Claire that they could decide what we did for the day. Turns out we had a great time. I should let them be in charge more often.
First we skipped over the whole "do your jobs" thing and watched a movie. Then they found a box of pressed leaves. Each fall I see these beautifully colored leaves and will then pick and press them. I then put them in a box and promptly forget about them. I've accumulated quite the random collection over the years. So the kids found the leaves and we decided to put them to use.

Claire's composition of leaves and googly eyes. Erik showing off his bookmark. Tough guys like to read too.

Next on the agenda was shopping. This was Erik's idea. He has been so excited to buy his new back to school "Sketchers". We got Happy Meals for lunch and took them up to the lake. Okay, are there any kids out there who really eat the entire Happy Meal? Mine certainly don't. But they were in charge of activities. I was in charge of transportation.

Megan's vocabulary is expanding. She says "daw" for dog and "duu" for duck.

Can't you tell? We are making rainbow's with the hose. After that we played in the sandbox, ate dinner, gave them baths to wash off the sandbox, and the kids were asleep by 7:30pm.