Friday, October 23, 2009

Tulip bulbs? Check.

One of the best trades I ever did was for my planter boxes. We started with two rather boring planting containers and thought that by building boxes around them, it would add a little bit of personality to our front porch. For the trade I did some residential design work for Shane and Julie. Shane then built some boxes that turned out perfect. They are beautiful and make me smile.

I've gotta say that between my planter boxes and my beloved blue chairs, hands down, the front porch has become my favorite room.

Last summer the boxes had potato vine: Loved it.
This summer the boxes had trailing petunia: Looked nice enough.
Summer 2010 the "It" plant will be potato vine again.

Last fall Jeff suggested we load up the boxes with tulip bulbs. I'm telling you as silly as it sounds this particular flower makes my heart sing. We put about 50 bulbs in each box and waited waited waited. It was worth the wait.

and mid-spring...