Thursday, October 8, 2009

Parenting 101

If I were to write a Parenting 101 book there would be a section on grocery shopping. It would discuss how if children were to compare the way parents shop for groceries, the fathers would have a higher approval rating versus the mothers.

My point being is that when Jeff does a grocery run he will usually come home with a greater selection of kid-friendly food than I might (chocolate milk, multiple varieties of cereals, chips, ice cream, & frozen pizza). Not that I'm complaining, because Jeff really is great. Having a husband/father who doesn't mind grocery shopping isn't something to complain about.

One day I was talking to Erik about his day at school. Lunch/recess is usually his favorite part and so that is what we talk about. I'll ask him what he ate, who he sat by, and what games he played during recess.

This particular day Erik said how he picked chocolate milk to drink. I asked him if he ever picked the white milk. Erik replied, "Ah Mom, we eat mostly healthy food for breakfast and dinner. At lunch I like to have a little fun."

The way he said it just cracked me up, "...have a little fun". My son is living on the edge with his chocolate milk drinking habits. Hahaha.