Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Claire

Claire's birthday was squashed into a week already filled with a bridal shower for a future aunt, outings with out-of-state cousins who were visiting in-state, a wedding, the luncheon, and a wedding reception. A BIG thank you must go out to all the family who helped Claire's day still be fun for her.

Claire is now 5 and she is still my sunshine girl.

We were talking and she told me, "Mommy, since Heavenly Father is like a king, and all the people on earth are a child of God, that means all the girls on earth are princess's and all the boys are prince's!" You should have seen Claire, her eyes were all big and round as she shared this exciting insight "...all the girls are princess's." Watch out Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. The earth has a few billion people on it and you've got some serious competition.

To my Claire I would say that yes you really and truly are a child of God (you might temporarily forget it in those rocky teenage years but it doesn't change the fact: You are one special girl with a Heavenly Father who loves you so much!)