Monday, June 15, 2009


One of Erik's jobs is to unload the dish washer and put the dishes back where they belong. On this particular morning he did unload, but left for school before doing the second half of his job.

Although he did a good job of balancing the dishes without any falling and breaking.

(Side note: if you have the option of buying kids cups in a variety of colors...DON'T. Only buy ONE color. This will prevent you from picking out the wrong color of cup when pouring beverages for children. And it will also prevent arguments from breaking out when your daughter sets the table and puts a pink cup at your sons place when she knows he wants a blue cup. Really, I'm just happy the table is being set.)

As for balance in my life, there hasn't been much of that lately. Not that I'm complaining, because I was enjoying myself very much in what I was doing. For about a week and a half I dropped off the face of the world and into the pages of 4 different books. Pretend people. Pretend problems. It was nice.

By the time I was part way through book #4 Megan had had enough. She came up to me one afternoon, closed my book and said, "No Mommy." Megan then selected one of her books and climbed up on my lap. I got the point. We read her book instead.

Despite having enjoyed my reading binge I am feeling a little out of sorts. But it gave me the break I needed. Gotta get balance back in my life. Real people. Real problems.