Sunday, June 21, 2009

NO...not the plants!

Yesterday we got back in town after being gone for a few days. I noticed something was not quite right with some of the plants, they looked "off." Today upon closer inspection we saw that nearly every perennial or shrub has leaves that are blackened or falling off. It was baffling. Was this a result of a very mean spirited joke? Was it a rampaging fungus caused by the 3 weeks of near-constant rain? Turns out it was neither.

As I walked from plant to plant, from behind me I heard Jeff say, "I wonder if the fertilizer I applied on Wednesday did this."

Apparently the ratios vary GREATLY when you apply Iron Chelate on a lawn versus the shrubs. Drive by our house and take a look. Lawn looks great. Shrubs and perennials aren't looking so hot.

My initial 911 call went out to Shelby. I left her a message saying, "Shelby I need to get that pasta salad recipe, (deep breath here) and by the way I think Jeff just killed all of my plants!" She called right back and said, "Do you want to talk about plants or the salad first?"

Okay okay, I am probably over reacting and chances are they will bounce back. This falls into the wait and see category.

I'm not mad at Jeff because it was an unintentional mistake (why did it have to happen to my plants!). I have made plenty of mistakes which have cost more to fix then the cost of replacing a few dead plants. When I make those pricey goof-ups Jeff never says anything to make me feel worse than I already do. He will give me a hug but he won't ever berate me and say how stupid I was. He is just not the kind of guy who will freak out over things that can't be changed. I really love my plants but I love him more.