Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blue Chairs

You never know when you are going to find your next treasure. It just so happened that my latest gem came straight out of a dumpster.

I was on a walk by the lake with Jenn and Shelby when we spotted some chairs which had been unceremoniously left in a huge construction dumpster. Shelby climbed up and pulled them out for me. For quite some time I have been wanting chairs for the front porch and it seemed that with a little tlc, these had some potential. It doesn't bother me that they came from a dumpster. I'm trying to do my part for mother earth by removing three less items from going to landfills. It is all about being "green". Okay it was also a little bit about the chairs being free. (Well, they were free until you add in the cost of the paint, plywood, fabric and foam for cushions.) Or maybe it is so I can see peoples expression when they found out where they came from. Whatever the reason, these blue chairs now have a story.

In the simple act of putting chairs on our front porch it is like we have gained a whole new room to our home. I love being outside to enjoy these summer evenings. Nearly every evening Jeff and I are sitting in the chairs either reading a book, playing cribbage or backgammon, or talking.

A great big thank you goes to Jenn, Shelby, Jeff, Russ, Janie, Erik and Claire for helping out in one way or another.
Taking off the original seat.

Picking out fabric.

After painting the chairs we sanded them down so they looked more weathered. Wha-laa...the final product. I love them.