Tuesday, February 24, 2009

3 reasons why I love being a Mom

BTW- Erik is not flipping off the camera in photo #2, he is using his pointer finger to point at his tongue :-)

Okay, the 3 three reasons why I love being a Mom: Erik, Claire, and Megan. Sometimes I catch myself wishing they were a bit older so that they could help out more. Ultimately I consider their young ages a blessing in disguise. They know I have "sick muscles" but still expect me to help with nearly everything. Taking care of my children occupies my mind so that I don't waste too much time fretting about conditions I have no control over. Anyone with small children will agree that it is all about living in the moment.

I love how simple life can be when I immerse myself in my childrens world.

This past week I took Erik and 2 of his friends to our neighborhood lake. It was Saturday, the temperature had warmed into the 40's and they wanted to go fishing. We managed to find a little spot without ice and the boys took turns casting a cheep looking lure into the cold water. For some unknown reason there were no nibbles. They then turned their attention to the ice. The boys would throw the biggest rocks they could lift, attempting to break off ice chunks. For all you safety first people, don't worry, we were firmly planted on the shore. You should get out and try it. Turns out throwing rocks at ice is really fun...and therapeutic ("and this rock is for that one time that so-and-so...")

For Claire, I gave her and some neighborhood girls mini-manicures. We painted their nails various shade of pink and then applied flower stickers. I will credit my 4 year old daughter with educating me on how to be a girly-girl!

Megan is easy to please. Take her on a walk or anything outside and she is happy. I'm the same way so I'm game to bundle up and get out. Although this child baffles me in other ways. Such as: Why does she try to put macaroni in her nose? This has happened more than once and I now have to keep an eye on her. The other thing thing which has become bothersome is that we have to plan Megan's bath time around her bowel movements. Otherwise when she gets in that warm sudsy water she will poop in the tub! Jeff and I have washed and bleached the tub much too often lately.

Before we had kids I enjoyed my time working in office settings as a landscape architect. But man, I love what I now do as a Mom. I figure I'm involved in the most inspiring and some days frustrating, yet influential project of my life.