Monday, February 16, 2009

The good news and the bad news...It snows here.

Yes the good news and bad news applies, in this case, to the same thing. Snow. When the snow first comes the white blanket covering the grungy brown of leftover Fall is a beautiful sight. But now that we are into February I'm sick of it. I want it all to go AWAY. If I could call the shots, after Valentines Day, moisture would come in the forms of valley rain and mountain snow.

With my grumbling aside, we do get out and have fun in the snow.

Jeff and Megan

Jeff, Erik and Claire. This is called the "3 Car Pileup". Sometimes they make it all the way down the hill without anyone falling off.

Jeff took Erik night skiing in January. Grandma LaKay let Erik hold onto her kid skis and so he has been practicing on the hill of a nearby park.

Pictured above: Janae, Jen, Laurie, and Shelby. I have been snow shoeing a couple of times with friends. These days I'm not setting any land speed records but it feels so good to get out.