Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mother Bear the Hamster

Shortly after Megan was born I took Erik and Claire to the pet store. They had pooled their money and had 7 dollars, enough for a hamster. We brought her home on a Wednesday and 4 days later on Sunday night she had 11 babies. Since she's a teddy bear hamster and a proud mama the kids decided to name her Mother Bear. It was a lot of fun to watch the babies grow up and we even managed to find homes for them.

To tell the truth I love this little rodent. I had just had a baby...she had just had 11 babies. We had that "I know what you are going through" bond. Erik and Claire love her too. They talk about how we have 6 members in our family and mention her in prayers.

Top 5 reasons Mother Bear is a great pet:
1- She has a super sweet disposition.
2- Low maintenance. Every few days dump out the old bedding and pour in the new.
3- When we go out of town it is easy to leave her with someone.
4- Don't have to take her on walks in the winter. MB cruises around the house in her hamster ball (we have to remember to block the stairs or we hear a bump bump bump as the ball rolls down).
5- A $9.00 bag of food lasts forever.

And of course an Erik story. One day I heard a holler/scream coming from the bedroom. I went to check on things and Erik came stumbling out with his face tilted to the ceiling while at the same time squeezing his eyes shut. Concerned, I asked what was wrong. Erik replied, "Mother Bear just peed in my eye!" HUH?!? I couldn't figure out why MB was on his face in the first place.

(Holly took this cute photo in Jan.2007)