Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ladies First? "That's boring," says Erik.

Without a doubt there is an individual who would make both Erik's and Claire's top 10 favorite person person list. It is Natalie. They have each known this nine year old since they were born. When I told them last Friday that Natalie was coming over in the afternoon to play they were beside themselves with anticipation. They kept opening and checking out the door every few minutes to see if she had arrived. Then a funny thing happened as Natalie came up the steps. Erik decided to act all cool and that it was all no big deal she was around.

Situation One:
Me "Hey what do you all want to do now that Nat. is here?"
Erik "All that I have wanted to do all day is play on the computer."
Me "Hmmm, okay, not an option." (thinking to self...this is not the same boy from 60 seconds ago)

Situation Two:
Me "Who is ready for snacks? I made everyone their own plate of nachos. Here you go Natalie and Claire and here is one for you Erik."
Erik "Hey how come I'm last! It's not fair!"
Me "Ladies first. It is just a way of showing respect."
Erik "That's boring. Men should be first!"

Situation Three:
Natalie, Claire, and Erik (he would say "You said my name last, no fair!") went sledding in the park across the street. He showed off his best sled-stunts for Natalie. Later on all three came back to the house and Erik informed me that since the girls were done he wanted to go back and sled some more with "the guys."

I think my son is one of the three greatest kids in the world. He is six so I'll cut him some slack. But 10 0r 20 or 30 years down the road from now I hope he remembers some guidelines if a girl wants to spend time with him:
1-Don't ignore her so you can play on the computer.
2-Remember to serve her before you start wolfing down all the nachos.
3-Focus on the girl if she is around to spend time with you. Don't ditch her to hang out with "the guys."

The next day we were driving down the road and Jeff was in front of us. I said, "Look we are following Daddy." Erik then said, "Men first!" and started laughing really really hard.