Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feliz Navidad 2008

It all started in 1965 (I think...) when Jeff's grandparents asked their 4 kids what they wanted for Christmas. The options were a color t.v. or a trip to Mexico. The kids voted for Mexico. They had such a great time that they went again and invited other families to join. So fast forward 43 years and the Mazatlan, Mexico trip is a yearly tradition still going strong. The group has expanded past the initial 2 or 3 families to their now grown children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, friends and whoever wants to join. This year was smaller at less then 100 people, but two years ago there were over 140.

There is a catch. We drive. 1500 miles. Yeah you heard me right! Everyone loads up their trailers or motorhomes or tents into cars and drives. We then camp in a R.V. park on the beach. From the time we head south to when we return home is two weeks. Jeff and I are currently on the every other year plan.

And of course here are a bunch of photos.

Feliz Navidad Erik

Claire, Bridger, Wakely and Ryland

Megan hated the first hour or so on the beach but then warmed up to the idea.

Claire's sea shell collection.

Tidal mother like son.


Fisherman Ray

Its Casin! The close waves were just right for the younger kids to boogie board.

Uncle Randy, Jeff and Joe. I don't think any topic is taboo with these three. They could solve a good chunk of the worlds problems if they could just agree ;-)

Heidi is a yoga instructor and would lead a class in the mornings. Namaste!

Most days are spent at the beach but we will go downtown to the market too.

Feeding pigeons at the cathedral.

LaKay in the market.

I love the taco stands, I just don't eat at the one displaying a pig head.

But I do stop and pick up fresh hot churro's.

Sandi is in her element negotiating a few deals.

Jeff with Pablo. Pablo has a big 'ol grin on his face because the previous day he sold 1 bracelet to Jeff (for Claire) for the SAME price a few minutes later he sold 4 bracelets to Sandi.

The one meal the group has together is Christmas dinner potluck style. Every year the LDS missionaries serving in the area are also invited. This year there were 20.

Marissa had a good sampling.

Jake made strong work and loaded up.

If you are a growing teenager like Taylor obviously you will load up at the dessert table.

The ever adorable Kembree and her Aunt Molly.

Chris, Whitney, Shawn, Dean, Chris and Alex.

The official game with the Mazatlan group would be hearts (karaoke is going on in the background).