Thursday, November 13, 2008

Uncle Mike

Jeff's Uncle Mike died Tuesday in a plane crash. He was flying his plane, a Cessna 182, from Denver with the ultimate destination being Price, Utah. His wife, Colleen, reported him missing Tuesday night and on Wednesday search and rescue crews found his plane outside of Aspen, Colorado. Today (Thursday) they were able to finally get his body off the mountain.

We heard Tuesday night he was missing and were anxiously waiting further news. Upon hearing the latest we were absolutely floored because Mike was the kind of guy who could get himself out of any jam. He was so resourceful. Mike was as close to invincible as they come.

I took this photo of Uncle Mike from one of the Mazatlan trips. We often heard him say "Life is Good" and the picture reflects of his positive attitude. The entire family (Jeff's moms side) subscribe to the work hard/play hard philosophy. They will all pitch in and work incredibly hard and they will then play play play every chance they get.

Uncle Mike seemed to always be smack in the middle of all the action and any resulting stories. His family could fill volume after volume on his adventures. Some of our memories over the past few years include: Camping and 4-wheeling at "the hunting spot", Lake Powell trips, Mazatlan trips, hiking the Black Hole, lots of games (in Hearts who do we now pass the Dora to?), and wondering what the next matching Mike/Colleen outfit was going to be. From staying at their house overnight Jeff was introduced to putting peanut butter on french toast, and has since acquired a taste for the culinary creation. There aren't many men with grandchildren who while wakeboarding can do a flip (4+ in a row), but Mike could. Not all men act like a crazy-in-love newlywed towards their wife 27+ years later, but Mike did. Did you ever hear his laugh? If you were ever around him I know you did. He had a great laugh, and he really loved to laugh... a lot! A trait he and his wife passed onto their two kids, Spencer and Mikaleen, and their grandkids.

What a guy. We are really going to miss him.