Thursday, November 20, 2008


There is the saying that trying to keep a house clean with young children around is like trying to shovel during a snowstorm. If that is true (which it is) then Megan would be our blizzard.

Her latest fav drawer would be one of mine in the bathroom. It contains all the items like finger nail polish, scented bath stuff, and monthly "chic products." (Guys everywhere are saying a collective "Ewwww") For whatever reason she is drawn to the item last listed and will sneak them out and scatter them around the house. The other day I walked in to find Megan peeling off the sticky back protector strips and attaching "chic products" to the cupboards, the walls, and her arms. They were everywhere. Don't you think 16 months is too early of an age to be honing prank skills for girls camp? Needless to say, the next project will be to put child locks on all our lower cupboards and drawers.

And the list goes on. I could ask, "Who unrolled this big pile of toilet paper onto the floor!" But I'm pretty sure I know who the offending individual is. It is either Megan or maybe Jeff (just kidding Megan...opps, I mean Jeff). She is a handful but we sure do love her.

110% Daddy's Girl. Here Megan is helping her Daddy make breakfast. He is a keeper. Jeff has had those Birkenstocks for over 13 years! Christmas is just around the corner but I don't think new Birkenstocks are the kind of thing a guy wants for the holidays. But I digress...

A rare moment of stillness.