Sunday, November 30, 2008

California Roadtrip

Jeff is quite vocal where he likes to spend Thanksgiving. This would be in Southern California at my sisters house. His logic is that 70 and 80 degree weather in November is awfully nice. Can't argue with that. About a month and a half a go or so he brought up the idea of taking a detour and going to see the Sequoias. In the past we have been to Yosemite and have also seen the Coastal Redwoods in Northern CA. It has been about 5 years since any of these trips and he loves these massive trees. So the Trees became part of our Thanksgiving roadtrip agenda.

Last Saturday we drove with my parents to California. There we spent a few days in the Sequoia National Park area where we met up with my sister and her family. Following that we drove to her family's home in Southern CA for 3 days. We celebrated the holidays with some of D.J.'s family and my brother, Jared and his fiance Lisa. Yesterday we arrived back home to grey skies and cold weather here. Welcome home.

But the pictures tell a much better story.

I'd like to dedicate this trip to Jeff's parents, Scott and LaKay. Just kidding. Seriously, thank you for letting us borrow your motorhome!

My mom is a kindergarten teacher and had endless activities for the kids to do. When you are used to 48 students in a day, three adorable grandkids are a piece of cake.

The road entering Sequoia N.P. from Three Rivers (little town outside the park) had signs about the road not being advised for vehicles over 22 feet in length. The motorhome is 34 feet long. Did this stop Jeff? No. But should it have? All I'll say is I'm glad it wasn't peak tourist season. My man has some serious driving skills ;-)

So the next day we rented an Expedition to take into the park. The drive was significantly more enjoyable.

A bunch of motorhome driving, SUV renting tree huggers.

These trees are so mind boggling big!

The view out from Moro Rock. Some of our CA cousins: Tre, Reagan, Madison, and Grandpa Martin.

Megan loves this pink coat and wears it every chance she has.

I love this photo of Erik and the background deer.

Jeff is standing on a stump of a fallen Sequoia. Crazy!

My sister Heidi and her two girls, Madison and Reagan.

Tre, Jeff, D.J. and Heidi.

Josh and Claire. My kids would have had a lot of fun on the trip but being with cousins made it 100x's better.

We camped at an RV park (Kaweah Park) in the town of Three Rivers. We had the place to ourselves for the first two days. They also have tent camping available for the summer season. Highly recommend the place.