Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Megan!

The word "sunshine" is used frequently in our family. Last month I talked about Claire being our "Sunshine Girl" (I'd compare it to sunshine on a warm spring day). Well, we just happen to call Megan our "Sunshine Baby". This baby girl is more like sunshine on a hot summer day where you are drinking lemonade and eating chips and salsa. Megan is spunky, loves to laugh, a bit fiesty, opinionated and definitely a Daddy's girl . No doubt about it she was meant for our family and adds such a fun dynamic. We love you Megan!

For Megan's birthday on July 16th we took a picnic up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. After dinner we sang happy birthday and ate some cake. Then we started out around the Silver Lake trail loop. It is fairly short, maybe a mile. Great for small kids (usually). From the beginning Claire had announced that she "did not like hiking." Then around 200 yards into the loop she fell off the boardwalk and into the marsh getting all wet. At this point any remaining fun was gone out the window for Claire and she was not interested in going any further. So Claire, Megan, and Jeff hung back while Erik, Grandma LaKay and I finished the trail loop.

July in our backyard mountains is amazing! It is worth the long wait.

What a great place to celebrate Megans 1 year birthday!

Claire was so proud of finding this butterfly (you have to look close).
Erik and Grandma LaKay.