Monday, July 14, 2008

Community Garden

If we were to do one of those "Mastercard" commercials it would go something like this:

Community garden plot fee- $32.00
Irrigation drip hose- $12.00
Irrigation timer- $20.00
Soil amendment (aka cow poop)- $10.00
Plant starts/seeds/flowers- $30.00
*Being able to pick your own fresh produce- Priceless*

After tallying up the costs of having a garden I realized that we could have bought A LOT of produce from the farmers market! But what it comes down to is the experience of Erik and Claire being semi-responsible for something. They have had a part in this from picking out and planting what we put in, and then watching the garden grow. The garden is overall low maintenance which is nice. Periodic trips to make sure the irrigation timer is still working, picking a few weeds and squashing the "Squash Bugs."

Today Erik was being mean to Claire so I told him he had to say 3 nice things about his sister. After a "hhhmmmming" for a while (and a few comments like, "she is good at crying") Erik came up with, "she is good at weeding."