Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cecret Lake Hike

Megan was in heaven riding in the backpack
Hiking buddies: Paige & Claire

We made it to the lake. We made it back from the lake. There were no serious injuries. All in all I would have to say the Cecret Lake hike was a huge success!

Yesterday went a little better than last weeks hike around Silver Lake. Last week Claire made it all of 200 yards before she pooped out on the Silver Lake "walk." This week she made it the whole way (2 mile round trip) by herself. The fact that we brought along mini candy bars and capri sun drinks helped in keeping energy levels up. This same level of energy in a house would be bad, but in the mountains it keeps them going and going and going. We had a big group of 5 adults and 10 kids. Erik and Claire had fun hiking with their friends.

In the B.K. days (Before Kids) I would see groups (like ours) and think, "Whoa that is TONS of work, and looks like slow going." The fact is, well yes, hiking with kids is quite a bit of work:
-packing snacks (Put in candybars. Don't bother with raisins, the kids will just throw them at the chipmunks)
-applying bug spray ("Don't get it in your eyes honey, it will sting!")
- multiple potty breaks ("Are you sure? You just went!")
- coaxing & encouraging ("You get a super packed power treat at the next switch back")
- be careful-ing ("Don't throw rocks when we are below you")
- the fact it took a hour to go one mile!
Despite all of that we had such a great time. We are so used to it, it no longer seems like a big deal. It is a whole lot better than staying at home.

In our group: Josh & Rebecca and kids, Dave & kids (hope Dawn can come next time!) Jeff & Janae and kids.