Sunday, June 22, 2008

"I'm Not Dead Yet..."

Come is a movie quote...what did you think I was talking about! If you don't know what movie it was from the answer is at the end of the post. I thought it was a more catchy post title than "Last week was loads of fun."

Truly, last week we have had a great time. We went to Bear Lake (on June 13) with my parents, sister and her boys. Sunny but cold. Bear Lake blue must be the prettiest color in the world. It is simply breathtaking.

Monday (June 16) we had a Family Night with Jeff's extended family. We usually attend a couple of times a month. Family Night rotates through people, and the host family provides dinner and then we have some sort of a lesson. The kids really enjoy it and the gatherings are a good way to develop/maintain relationships with other family members. On Monday it was at Jeff's Grandma's house. In lieu of a lesson we had a project of installing a fountain and thinning her peach trees.

On Tuesday Claire turned 4 (June 17). We went and got our mother/daughter pedicure and she loved it. So we now have pink toes with the fancy flower detail.

Red Butte Garden is a family favorite. The gardens are well designed for each season. Big enough to be interesting for repeat visits. But not too big that a visit becomes an all day trek. Check it out sometime On Wednesday evening (June 18) I went with some friends who are plant nuts like me or at least had a good time wandering the gardens with us. Here is some of the group modeling our snazzy garden aprons made by a very talented friend, Jen. We are going to plan another outing so let me know if you want to come.

Thursday (June 19) was steamin' hot. We spent that afternoon at nearby splash pad with some neighbors and cousins. Megan was delighted by the jets of water that would spray out of the ground.

Friday (June 20) we had a low key birthday party for Claire. It was mainly cousins and a couple of neighbor friends who came. A great big thanks to Claire's Aunt Kristen who decorated a princess/dragon/castle cake to go along with the birthday theme of "Princess/Dragon" party. Thanks Kristen for the cake. Thank you Mom for all the prep help. And thank you Kim/Kayla for the idea we borrowed!
That night Claire had her first dance recital. We were so proud of her!

Saturday (June 21) a cookout and swim party at Grandma/Grandpa's pool. Here is Grandma LaKay with five of her grandchildren: Claire, Moses, Erik, Megan & Ava.

And the answer for "I'm not dead yet," comes from the movie, "Monty Python and The Holy Grail". This quirky movie has all sorts of quotable one liners. Although if I were to sit and watch it today, I don't know if the movie would seem nearly so funny as I found it to be 15 years ago. Maybe I'll talk Jeff into watching it with me. Who knows, maybe we will still like it.