Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunshine Girl

Our Claire is turning 4 on June 17th. I love her sweetness, her goodness and her hugs. It cracks me up how Claire will start singing a random song. She will then have us write it down to put into her "song book", a purple 3-ring binder. I love when we are playing outside and she will come sit by me. I tell Claire that her hair smells like sunshine (because it does) and she laughs.

Growing up I was a bit of a tom-boy and would even cut the lace off of my socks. Sometimes we wonder, "Where in the world did Claire come from?" But let it be known, I am thrilled that she embraces anything girlie, glittery and pink. I told her that on her birthday we would go on a Mom-Claire activity in the evening and do whatever she wanted. She decided we will be going to get pedicures. I'm just guessing the color will

In choosing a name for our girl I liked how one website described the meaning of the name Claire as: Bright, Shining and Clear. That is our Sunshine Girl.