Saturday, June 14, 2008

Funny FUNNY Friends

Laughter may not always be the best medicine but it does work wonders! In dealing with ALS Jeff and I use humor whenever we can. The situation is beyond our control and this is just how we cope with things. Lucky for us we are the same on this matter otherwise one of us would have a lot of hurt feelings.

We are also so lucky to be in a neighborhood where we are surrounded by some really wonderful and quite funny people who love to laugh as much as we do. I was given a stack of cards from a friend that come from the website They were quite appropriate in a delightfully inappropriate kind of way (the woman who created them also lives in our neighborhood). I have received so many funny emails, stop by visits, a big bouquet of balloons with funny sayings hand written on them. Today some good friends brought over a bucket filled with goodies, along with "The Bucket List" movie, and a bucket list paper with the first line item being that we need to spend more time with them. I love the dry humor.

Then there are my fellow Garden Geeks who I love and adore. Always something to say about anything and everything other than ALS. The one exception was when I received this email from a Garden Geek with some button ideas. I had mentioned at one point that there was a family friend whose husband had cancer so she had a button that said "Cancer Sucks". I said "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Sucks" wasn't nearly so catchy. Here are button ideas from her responding email (a little background...If I don't know you I'm not an overly touchy feely person and these people know it...) so here are some from Shelby:
-If you don't know my middle name don't hug me
-Yea, I have what
-Must be under 40" to Hug
- I really don't want to hear it. Really.
-First, let's talk about you.
-Dinner? I prefer cash.
-If you Yoodle, then I'll Talk.
-Hug me. Let's get it over with.
- Hugs? I prefer cookies.
-Hugs? I prefer plants ( hahahha.)
--Have you heard the bad news...Rebecca's a Republican (he he he)
-Well..Hurry up and Hug me I haven't got all day.
-Limit. 1 question per visit.
-Stop. Share that hug with someone else.
-Think like a tree and Leaf (oh, I'm a true geek)
-blah, blah, blah
-I declare war!
-Hug or question. You pick.
-I'd rather be in Mexico .
-Don't make we wish I would have stayed home.
-A penny for your thoughts. Really. I charge.
-Put up your dukes ALS. I'm ready to fight.