Wednesday, December 1, 2010

If you had to pick between a) snow or b) poisonous creatures...

The taunting phone calls usually start in October when the weather turns chilly in Utah. My two sisters will let us know what the weather is like where they live. We hear reports such as 90 degrees from Kristen. While from Heidi it might be 78 and partly cloudy skies.

The weather here right now? 27 degrees but feels like 19 because of the wind chill.

Yesterday the phone call I received from Kristen, who lives in the D.R. Congo, wasn't about the weather, it was about snakes. It was to tell me about a 5 1/2 foot Forest Cobra. It was found on their back patio near the hutch containing her sons pet guinea pigs. In the past few months in their yard they have found one Gabon Viper and now two cobras.


From snakes we now go to spiders. I have heard Heidi talk about how where she lives there are A LOT of Black Widow spiders and just a few months ago she was bit by one.

Again, Eeek!

I LOVE my sisters. A gal couldn't ask for better sisters. But ladies, you can take your warm weather and poisonous creatures, and I'll stick with my snow.

(To be fair, the taunting phones are a two way deal. We call Heidi to tell her about our 82 degrees when it is a smokin' 113 in her back yard. Oh and I do see an occasional Black Widow outside, but I haven't been bit yet.)

Here are some recent photos...


On this particular morning my kids had eaten their breakfast, put on their snow clothes and were out the door to go sledding by 7:15am. Yes, they are nuts. And I love them for it.