Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Follow up dr. appointment

Today I had a second follow up visit. The dr. said it looked like my jaw will heal without needing to be wired shut. This is a huge relief and it was news that Jeff and I were very grateful to hear. At one point the dr. said I was lucky to have only broken my left jaw and not both. Between you and me…I hadn’t considered myself lucky, but when he put it that way I had to agree. The break occured in my upper jaw by my ear.

When people see me for the first time after hearing the news they are surprised to see I look the same. The stitches are out, the swelling has gone down, and there aren’t any bruises on my face. I was also surprised to not have the bruising. When I say I landed on my chin, I really did land smack on my chin. I suppose since it is just bone there wasn’t anything to be bruised. (?)

The fall did knock some sense into me (and scared the crap-O-la out of me). I’m now significantly more cautious in general, and now wear my leg braces from when I wake up, all day, until bedtime.

I’m REALLY looking forward to adding soft food to my current pureed food/smoothie diet.