Saturday, April 10, 2010

Chickens 2010

I don't know how it happened but we got chicks again.

Well okay, I do know how it happened. It all started with a trip to go visit the Chicken Lady and buy some eggs from her happy free range chickens. These eggs are $3.00 a dozen and we had to drive 10 miles to get there.

Yes, I know, there is a grocery store a mile away with much cheaper eggs. But this time it was more about the "experience."

Back to the story. We got there and the kids love petting the horses and seeing all sorts of chicken eggs. Brown eggs, green eggs, little eggs and big eggs. The Chicken Lady also had chicks. Hundred's of fluffy little chicks for sale. They were so cute that they were beyond adorable. Of course the immediate response from my children is to ask the question, "Can we buy a chick?"

Me: "No."
Kids: "Please?!"
Me: "We don't have any bedding or chicken food."
Kids: "We can buy some."
Me: "Well...maybe we could do that."

At this point I really needed Jeff here to be my "voice of reason" but he was hiking in Southern Utah. You would think the smell of hundred's of chicks would be reason enough to deter me. But at this point my ability to use good decision making logic was pretty much gone. There was no longer any need for my kids to ask/plead/negotiate because now I too wanted chicks.

We now have had 3 three chicks for about a month. The kids named them: Rocko, Sarah, and Daisy (yup, a couple of repeat names from last year). The chicks will stay with us for probably one more week before they go to their permanent home where they hopefully have a happy, egg laying, free range life.