Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to You...Me...Us?!!

March is a busy month for birthdays: Janae, Erik, Jeff, and many of our family and friends. To top it off Jeff and I also celebrate our anniversary (11 years this year!).

Wedding day. In the LDS churh we don't believe in being married just until "death do you part", but we believe that in making sacred covenants with God in our temples we can be married for eternity. Since I really love Jeff that is pretty cool.

Our photographer stood us up so here is one of the snapshots. I guess from day one we found out things don't always go as planned! After that I did take down the photographers flyers whenever I came across them on campus (a tad spiteful but I was just looking out for future brides...haha). Since then we have been blessed to have met extremely talented and reliable photographers.

Erik didn't get his first haircut until he was 18 months old.

Same background but now we have Claire.

Add in Megan and here we are today (plus Grandma's hand).