Friday, January 8, 2016

January 8th

This winter I have been trying to find beauty, and I found it in the trees outside.  

Now that the leaves have fallen I can see the structure of the plant.  The individual branching patterns of the trees are fascinating.  There is the strong form of the Sycamore that Megan climbs in the summer.  The branches of my Tri-Color Beech curve upward reminding me of a ballerina in First Position.  Then there are my three Prairie Fire Crabapple trees, they are all whack-a-do crazy without any order.

The other day Claire and I sat side by side-by-side looking out the front window.   She had paper and a pencil and was drawing a picture.   I told her that I was sketching the trees too, but with my eyes.  

My high school art teacher once said she would give us five dollars if we could bring her something from nature that was perfectly straight.  No one ever got that money.   Her challenge did make me more aware of the lines and shapes in nature.  

You should have seen the lines on the winter trees Claire and I sketched.  

They looked awesome.