Monday, January 18, 2016

climbing. climb on.

Mother-daughter picture.   I had to have a standing up pose :) 

Ohhh this picture makes my heart HAPPY.

I used to climb in high school and college.   Even though I only climbed a handful of times afterwards I never got rid of my harness and shoes and for the past few years they’ve sat in my old climbing bag as stinky as ever.

Last fall I purchased some half-price passes online to a climbing gym and found myself REALLY hoping my kids would like it.  Each person has their own interests and it can be tricky finding something all five family members agree on.

Turns out everyone had fun and we are now are trying month-to-month passes.  What I enjoy is that it is something active we can do as a whole family during the winter.   Jeff,  Erik, Claire and Megan (in her cheetah print pants)  climb and I can be right next them watching and feel a part of it.