Thursday, May 20, 2010

That is one strong hamster

Dinner Conversation...

Erik: Who is the strongest in the family?
Everyone: Daddy!
Erik: Well I am the next strongest. George* (our hamster) is third strongest.
Claire: No he isn't! I'm stronger than George!

It turned into a rather touchy subject. I knew that I wasn't going to land one of the top two spots but thought that I had a chance at numero tres. If not that then, come on, I am for sure one of the top four strongest members of this family.

George, I'm going to challenge you to an arm wrestle. Let's see what you've got.

*For clarification purposes I should state that George is the hamster formerly known as Daisy. How can this be?! When we got Daisy from the pet store she was a young hamster. Now that she is older we see that she, in fact, is a he.

Sorry George! (haha)