Friday, July 14, 2017

sunrises, cameras and the Tobii Dynavox I-12

About once a week in the summer I will watch the sunrise. I like to go outside in the early morning, when the sky is still grey, to see the sky transition through all the colors leading up to that moment when the sun comes out. It is so peaceful. 

This particular morning my parents were over, so my Dad came out with me and took a few pictures. 

I really miss holding a camera and taking pictures.  Back when 35mm film was popular, I had my 24 chances to get the perfect picture.  I would drop off the roll of film to be developed.  And wait.  There was always that anticipation when picking up the envelope to see how the prints turned out.   

While I love photography, even more so I love being able to communicate.  In the past I mentioned that my voice is rubbish. Well I was practically a nightingale back then compared to how I sound now! 

Recently Jeff and I have been meeting with a Speech Therapist and different reps for portable speech generating devices because my voice is at it's end.  I felt a bit anxious meeting with the different people until one of them mentioned how the device has two cameras. What was that?  It has a 5 mp front facing camera and a 2 mp rear facing camera.   

Obviously the primary need is to have a voice (any voice will do) and to communicate clearly.  But, to take pictures with my eyes would be awesome too. 

Currently I am looking into the Tobii Dynavox I-12. It would attach directly to my wheelchair.