Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September photos

I am a month late posting these photos but oh well.

The first Saturday of September we went to Cache Valley to watch some of our friends participate in the "Mud Run." It is a 5k obstacle course run through the mud and it looked like so much fun! There was also a kids course.


After (With my cute grandparents in the background.)

Here is also the annual post where I talk about the monarch caterpillar-turning-into-a-butterfly. The kids found 3 caterpillars this year. It's just that we are always amazed by the transformation process...even though it is the same thing year after year. Somewhat similar to the magic trick that never gets old.


Hooray for warm fall days.


Our Garden. Jeff planted a few giant pumpkin seeds and we let the vines go crazy. I thought the BIG leaves were a fun visual addition to the yard. September is when we pick our raspberries. Yum.