Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cecret Lake

I don't want to scare you but today is August 17.

Which means we are already over 1/2 through the month...

Which means we are fast approaching the end of summer...

Which means the last place I want to be is indoors in a dull climate controlled environment.

I want to enjoy the sun, sky, warm breezes, and the green as much as possible. Last week Jeff and I went on a mid-week date to see the wildflowers in Little Cottonwood Canyon. They were beau-ti-ful! They are going to be strong for the next week or two, and we will have to drive up again and bring Erik/Claire/Megan.

We didn't do the hike but it is a family friendly trail.

My boyfriend. For some reason his braces make me feel young too. (They come off in November.)

Just on the drive up I counted 15+ types of wildflowers from the car.