Friday, August 6, 2010

July 2010 Road Trip


Jeff asked where I wanted to go. I requested "somewhere with big wide open spaces and not a lot of people."

It seemed natural that the road trip would take us to Montana.

Erik, Claire, and Megan stayed with my parents while Jeff and I drove north. We took back roads and main roads and saw some of the most beautiful country. After visiting my cousin Jamie and her family, Jeff and I drove to Glacier National Park and then on to Waterton Lakes National Park (it borders Glacier but is on the Canadian side).

I have fallen in love with Montana and can see why someone could go there on vacation and never leave. Granted I was there in July and not January!

In the day to day we are surrounded by so much noise and have access to constant information at our fingertips. I hate when all the "noise" begins to infer with my ability to focus on my children or have an uninterrupted conversation with Jeff. As for the road trip, I loved having a break from computers and television and cell phones (there was a 3 day period where we didn't have coverage) . People are right when they say the phrase "peace and quiet." There is a lot of peace that comes from slowing down and being quiet.


We saw lots of wildlife

... I consider myself warned