Saturday, June 26, 2010

Broken arm for Claire



The "before" picture was drawn by Claire shortly after we got our trampoline a month ago. And the "after" x-ray was taken Thursday evening as a result of that same trampoline!

Following the accident we took her to a nearby hospital thinking it would be a simple 3-step process: x-ray, cast, home.

The x-ray revealed a nasty break and we were told to go to Primary Children's Hospital. Jeff drove her there and she went in for surgery around 11:30pm. The surgeon set Claire's arm via x-ray, as it wasn't invasive, and put in 3 pins. After she set her arm the first time Claire's arm had turned white and she could not find a pulse. The surgeon removed the pins and re did the procedure. Following the surgery the dr. found a pulse on her arm below the break but was still concerned that the blood flow to her lower arm was being limited.

At 6:00am Claire went in for surgery #2 with the same orthopedic surgeon, along with the chief vascular surgeon and a Fellow. They sliced open her arm and found that when the the bones had been reduced (put back together) her artery had gotten caught and pinched between the bone. So as the orthopedic surgeon was putting the bones together (again), the Fellow lifted up Claire's artery so it wouldn't get caught, and the vascular surgeon put in the pins ( for the 3rd time).

The orthopedic surgeon performed 11 surgeries on Thursday night/Friday morning, and 6 out of the 11 surgeries were trampoline related. Of course we asked, and no, there is NOT (or ever will be) a trampoline at her house.

I joined Claire and Jeff after surgery #2, and spent the day at the hospital. I know it wasn't a life or death situation, but seeing my child laying on the bed hooked up to an I.V. was unnerving. Claire spent Friday night at the hospital so they could monitor her and make sure things were working properly.

She came home Saturday morning her arm was all wrapped up and in a sling. Megan saw it and said, "That's a BIG band-aid!" I have always thought Jeff was a great dad and these past couple of days again proved it. He has super-dad status!

Fortunately, before this week, we haven't had to spend much time at Primary Children's Hospital (once for a few hours when Erik was a baby). Having been there I can say we were impressed with the care that Claire received. Everyone we interacted with was great.

The whole thing turned out to be more than the 3-step process we had hoped for, and we are glad to have her home! (Claire should get a cast on Wednesday.)