Tuesday, February 9, 2010


It has happened again. ALS, that dirty rotten thief, has stolen even more.

In the past when a task grew difficult I had reserve muscle so I could figure out a way to adapt. Well the reserves are gone. Instead of noticing changes in my body monthly, it seems to be weekly. Here is a list of noticed changes since the beginning of the year:

-If I am sitting on the ground I need assistance of some sort to resume a standing position (a person or a chair etc.).
-If my hands are cold I don't have enough hand strength to text. My phone has a touch screen.
-Scissors are difficult to use.
-If I want to wear earrings someone else puts them in. (well that one has been around for awhile)
-I am extremely cautious descending stairs without a handrail.
-Jeff has noticed changes in my voice (so have I). There is more effort to enunciate. My voice tires and cracks even more easily. If we are in a noisy group setting I
don't talk much because of the extra effort.

That last one is scary.

But life is still good. And I'm not just saying it. I am believing it.

A year ago I grumbled about how "There are other things to talk about" but that attitude was sooooooo 2009. Turns out people have a lot of questions. I think next week I will do another round of Q & A on the blog. If you have any ALS questions get them in.

And Rebecca, while your question made me laugh, I'm NOT going to answer it. Hee Hee.