Friday, January 15, 2010

Love = a chicken sandwich

The conversation went something like this:

Jeff: I love you.

Janae: Why?

Jeff: (brief pause) Because you made me a chicken sandwich.

The conversation probably ended with me saying, "Hmmm."

Both Jeff and I tell each other "I love you" easily and frequently. We also tell our children "I love you" every day. It is just that this time I wanted to know what it was about me at that moment, that Jeff found lovable. Apparently it was my sandwich making skills.

In thinking about it, I would not make a sandwich for just anyone. Due to the loss of strength in my arms and hands, the process of assembling a sandwich has become surprising difficult (I'm not complaining...just stating). It is nice to know that Jeff recognized and appreciated the effort that went into preparing that lunch.

If Jeff asks me why I love him, my response is ready. I'll say, "Because you made me pancakes topped with vanilla yogurt and blueberries." They were so good.