Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I dread grocery shopping with my 3 little helpers and avoid it if I can. Being able to shop in peace and at my own pace is a mini luxury. Last night after the kids were in bed I needed to pick up a couple of items at the grocery store. Soon the trip turned into a full fledged grocery run. As I was making my way over to the produce section I heard my name being called out. At first I couldn't see anyone. Weird. Then as I heard my name again I realized it wasn't someone, but something that was calling out to me.

It was the container of mini chocolate donuts. No lie.

That smooth seductive voice sweet talked its way into the grocery cart. Back at home I loaded up my plate with these chocolate-y delights and poured a big glass of ice cold milk. I passed right by the 1% and went straight for the chubby whole milk.

What a great late night snack, it really hit the spot. Not the most healthy combo but it is not like it's going to kill me ;-)

(A little als humor for ya' ...hahaha)