Sunday, April 26, 2009

Spring Sports? Hey my kid can play all the positions at once.

This year Jeff and I decided to take the plunge and sign our kids up for spring sports. We have hesitated to do this because previous years we felt our Erik and Claire were too young and there were other things that sounded A LOT more fun. Now it looks like May is going to be filled with baseball and soccer games. But we have completed the first week of games and I admit that I really enjoyed watching them run around and play their little hearts out.

Erik was excited from day one when he was signed up to play baseball. He has worn his bright orange team t-shirt 4 days this week. The blog title refers to both children but Erik really was cracking me up with his baseball ability. Erik started by playing 2nd base. The ball was hit and he chased the ball into the outfield. He managed to elbow his team mate out of the way so he could get there first. Erik then threw the ball to 3rd base but also decided to follow up by running there himself. He was everywhere!

Getting Claire to play soccer was more of a process. A friend called up to say that a bunch of kids from the neighborhood were going to be playing and would Claire like to be on their team. I asked Claire if she wanted to play soccer and she promptly responded "no". I have promised myself over and over than I don't want to be a parent who lives out their dreams through their kids. But I at least wanted her to try soccer...then she can decide whether or not she likes it.

Anyway. I sat down and told her that she would be on a team with her friends, they would have matching uniforms and a cool soccer team name. The deal closer came when I told her she would also receive 2 tickets to one of the professional soccer games.

Once Claire got on the soccer cleat's, shin-guards, and uniform it was like a magical anti-princess transformation took place. At the game my girl was all about joining that pack of 4-5 year old kids and chasing down and kicking the ball.

Jeff's parents live close enough that they have been able to attend the games. Scott really is a great cheerleader. Here he just finished doing a high kick and shouting out "Let's go let's go l-e-t-s-g-o!" (Scott would have had a very clever comeback but this is a no comment blog...hahaha) Thanks for coming!